Hellenic Air Force Virtual Rules and Regulations

Please read carefully the rules and regulations below and if you accept them, continue with application.
If you have any inquiry with any rule below you can contact with our staff members on Discord to explain you and give you some assistance.

1. Membership Requirements

  • Have a valid IVAO Account and be a member of the Hellenic Division.
  • You should have at least 50 hours flown online on IVAO.
  • Have a valid email address and a discord profile.
  • Have at least one of the supported platforms. (FSX, P3D Academic or Pro Plus, X-Plane)
  • Have a basic knowledge of military ops. Advanced training is available from our Training Instructors.
  • Have a good knowledge of VFR and IFR flight planning and dispatching.
  • Before accepting your application, an administrator will contact you via email to arrange a meeting on Discord.

  • 2. Flights Rules

  • We have a limit of -1000fpm as landing rate.
  • You should not fly over the normal simulation rate (x1) in order to finish your flight faster.
  • You should not crash the plane either by mistake or on purpose.
  • Flying and being away from controls, for example, sleeping, going outside, etc. is forbidden. Online random checks can be done by our staff members to pilots to verify that they are on controls.
  • Invidual combat flights with foreign divisions members are not allowed.
  • Flying outside of Hellenic FIR is not allowed without written clearence from GR-SOC.

  • 3. Activity Rules

  • You have to fly at least 3 flights per month to keep your account active.
  • You have to check frequently the Forums and MIS to be updated.
  • Join frequently via voice on Discord.
  • You have to participate on team military ops of HAFv.

  • 4. General Rules

  • You should respect other members all the time.

  • I have read, understand and agree with the R&R.