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Aιέν αριστεύειν και υπείροχον έμμεναι άλλων, μηδέ γένος πατέρων αισχυνέμεν ...

Πάντοτε να είσαι πρώτος και να υπερέχεις από τους άλλους και να μην ντροπιάζεις τη γενιά των προγόνων

- ΟΜΗΡΟΥ ΙΛΙΑΣ, Ζ 208-209


Welcome to the Hellenic Air Force Virtual HAFv which simulates a special and demanding part of the IVAO operations. It combines the difficulties and requirements of regular flights with those of aerial firefighting, search and rescue, monitoring, air supply and others, creating a fascinating and exciting environment!

Hellenic Air Force Virtual is the virtual air force that was created to simulate our true Air Force. HAFvirtual was founded in 2005 by Dimitris Pastaratzis and a small group of friends.

Today in 2019 we re-open the legendary Hellenic Air Force Virtual HAFv with old and new friends of simmers. Virtual flight simulation (Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3D, Xplane, and so on). HAFv operates exclusively on the IVAO network and members can be only from the Hellenic Division. It includes flight rules, ratings, training, exercises, missions, group and individual flights, wings, fighters, aircraft and helicopters. We offer training by real pilots, aiming to gradually train members on our hobby. We maintain our own Discord server where our members can be found every day in a Friendly and Pleasant environment for exchange of views, advice and many others.







Why Hellenic Air Force Virtual...?


Continuous Education
Training by real pilots, with the aim of gradually training members on our hobby.
Long Experience
Since its inception in 2005, HAFv has provided significant work. Our experienced and skilled pilots are committed to providing a pleasant environment, encouraging every new pilot to develop their skills in the best possible way.
Accurate Simulation
Virtual flights are performed via a simulator (Microsoft Flight Simulator, P3D or Xplane. Aiming to simulate our real Air Force.
What You Earn
You gain more than just a flight experience in a realistic, virtual learning environment that provides real benefits of military flight training to our team.
Friendly Environment
We maintain our own Discord server where our members can be in a friendly and pleasant environment every day for the exchange of views, advice and much more.
By using and learning phraseology. Learn what to say and when to say it in a real-time flight communication environment, realistic airspace and terminal communications


Are you ready to start your virtual career on HAF Virtual...?

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Screenshots from daily operations of HAFvirtual


An F-16 on CPM Exercise shoots some flares.


A CL-215 on a summer Firefighting Mission.


The Embraer on a VIP transport.


Daily Missions

An F-16 and a M2000 over Aegean on a CAP Mission.


The C-27J on a Tactical Air Transport.

Events & Exercises

An F-16 doing a visual reccon to an A320
on the v.Parmenion Exercise.


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